Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things I've learned lately

Its crazy how when you get older, things change. The way you dress, act, eat, and think all change. As well as the people to hang out with and what your actions are taking.

When I was 21, and living up by broad ripple, all I wanted to do was go to the bar and drink. Wanted to get free drinks and just dance with my girls. That lasted about a month. Especially since I had a very jealous boyfriend at the time, whom didn't trust me worth a darn. As I moved back home, away from the bars, drinking and going out really didn't mean that much to me anymore. Yes, I enjoyed a drink or two occasionally, but its not what I look forward to each weekend.

After meeting my David, all my mind was set on is, "When will I see him again?" especially living 2 hours away and me working all the time.  Still, I didn't feel like I was a grown up, due to not really have a lot of responsibility, I was just a home body. After getting engaged, and saving for the wedding, pay a lot more bills, and worrying whether we are gonna afford everything for the perfect wedding.

I am also realizing who my friends are and if they are really even worth trying to savor the relationship or not. Yes, I'm only 23, and I should be out there having fun and going to the bars and parties and what not. And I do like to do those things, but not every night or weekend. I still like to have a beer by a camp fire, or have friends over to play cards, or just chill. But there are more to life then drinking and partying.

Friends come and go through your entire life, however, its when you're getting older and making life changing decisions, that's when you will realize who your true friends are and the people who love and care about you. Going through a difficult time where you're scared to death being in the hospital, or just having a fight with the one you love, true friends will be there for you no matter what they are doing. If you find a friend that does that, stick to them like glue. They are very hard to find.