Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Nice to Everyone

WARNING::::You must read the article (which isn't to long) before you read the blog...

After reading this article it made me think: who would really do this? A teenager is trying to rob me, my first thought is just don't make him mad. Don't let them cut me with that knife. But no, this guy also gave him his coat because the teenager looked cold, then he invited him to go eat dinner with him as well! Just because he kinda knew that kid was bad off, I mean he's robbing people probably not because he is loaded, but because he needs money for food, or just to get by. After having dinner, and making small talk with the guy, the guy gets his wallet back, gives the guy his coat, and a $20 bill, but in return asked for the knife.

Think about this.....would you really do this if you were in this situation? Honestly? I don't think I could. But If we were willing to give things of ours to those who don't have as much as we do, or in general, just be nice to everyone. I know its kind of hard, but honestly instead of giving people who don't look like us, or look like they have a lot, dirty looks, maybe shoot them a smile, or a friendly hi. You may never know what something that small can do to someone. It could change their day from really crappy to really awesome.


  1. Being nice to people often brings unexpected results. While checking in on an apartment whose occupant was away, a neighbour knocked on the door to complain, rather aggressively, about music playing at around 9 a.m. He continued to complain after I apologized and turned the music off, and he threatened to call the police. I told him that would probably be best and closed the door.

    The next day, while walking by a bookstore, an inspiration struck me and I bought a particular book that has helped me tremendously. When I was next at the apartment, I knocked on his door. His wife answered; I apologized again for the noise and told her that as a sign of good faith, I had a book for her husband. She said "We don't need that." I said, "Okay, I will just leave it here and he can do what he wants with it."

    A couple of weeks later, as I was leaving the apartment, I noticed the man standing over my car in the parking lot. I wondered what he was doing, and as I got closer, I saw. He was brushing the snow off.

  2. I love that. See a little kindness and patience and go a long way. Its amazing how it works, but many people are afraid to do it.