Monday, April 25, 2011

Spread the Love

Generation Love Music Video

So I'm the last person you would think I would like kid TV stars "music" careers. Like some of the Disney movies/shows kids who try to sing, or some of the Nick kids. I was watching CMT this morning and my first thought when I saw this girl, was, "Oh great, another TV kid trying to make a singing career."It was Jennette Mccurdy from iCarly. But I listen anyway because honestly, I was to lazy to turn the channel. First, she wasn't that bad of a singer, and 2nd, her song actually had great meaning. Talked about what Generation the kids were these days known for. The line is,

"What will they say about us,
they call us generation lost or
generation greed or they connect the generation
to a plasma screen or a generation why enough is not enough"

and sad to say, that is what I hear most people say about the generation these days. And for the most part its true. Working in retail, and with kids, I see a lot of this happening, and only a handful do I see something else. 

But what she was singing about is changing this Generation to Generation Love. Helping people in need, smiling more, Be someones hero, etc. I thought it was a great idea, and wish more people would do this. I know its a very very doubtful thing, but if more people were nice, took time out to volunteer somewhere, or just be nice to others in general, maybe the generation name would change....hmmm...

Would they say these things?
I volunteer my time.
I feed the hungry.
I read to the blind.
I change diversity.
I recycle.
I heal the planet.

Maybe think these things
Who needs me?
What am I waiting for?
How can I help?

Try to Do these things,m and you can make a difference. 
Be a good listener.
Say I love you.
Show Compassion.
Spread the Love.
Spread Sunshine.
Be a Hero.
Make a Difference.
Be Selfless.
Give your time.

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