Saturday, April 23, 2011

Snail Mail Perks?

When you go to the mail box what do you usually get? Bills? Magazines? Junk? Maybe a package you ordered? But do you really get any letters anymore, or cards? Yes its easier to Facebook message someone, or email them, but do you remember when you used to get the feeling of importance when you see something for you other then a bill or junk mail? Someone took the time, to sit down, and put some thought and heart into a letter to you, took the time to take it to the mailbox (or post office), just to make sure you get this letter. A letter show more love and appreciation I think then a message on Facebook or an email. It takes more effort....

So a Challenge to you.....write a letter to at least one person this week that means something to you. Just to show your appreciation for them, or just to say hi. This will make them smile, and honestly will probably make their entire day amazing. Are you going to make someone's day?

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